Do article comment links count as backlink?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors, such as the quality of the link and the context in which it is placed. However, in general, most experts agree that article comment links can be valuable sources of backlinks if used correctly.

One advantage of using article comment links for backlinking is that they are typically high-quality links. This is because website owners often only include relevant and helpful comments on articles, which means that their websites are likely to be high-quality and relevant themselves. In addition, when you leave a thoughtful and informative comment on an article, you may also get traffic from people who visit the site specifically to read your commentary.

Another benefit of using article comments for backlinking is that they can help you build relationships with other bloggers and website owners. When you take the time to leave thoughtful comments on other people’s articles, they will be more likely to return the favor by commenting on your own content or linking to it from their own websites. This can help increase both your web traffic and your search engine rankings over time.”

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